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The Competitions

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Who can 69 the longest?
The boys will be strapped to each other in the 69 position -- the first guy to unstrap himself loses. With almost zero mobility the crew gets bored with them and the competition takes some unexpected turns.

Who can Squeeze More Boobs?
The boys see how many boobs they can touch. Spenny tries various strategies ultimately settling on Women Gone Crazy tactic inspired by Girls Gone Wild. Kenny, intent on making Spenny look like a creep, skirts the reality of the completion by a Kenny-esque interpretation of the rules.

Who Can Keep Their Head In A Chicken Coop The Longest?
The guys wear chicken cages with live chickens on their heads in this most unusual endurance competition. Kenny's strategy precipitates arguments about who is smarter and the contest takes an academic turn that will ultimately decide the winner.

Who Can Get Further With The Other Guy's Mom?
Notching up the ick factor, Kenny and Spenny compete to see who can get further sexually with the other guy's mom. Spenny, as determined as ever, tries seducing and groping, while Kenny wines and dines Spenny's mother, and makes the best of possibly his last chance to do mother jokes.

Who can win a Cockfight?
Men have often referred to their genitals as weapons, but this time Kenny and Spenny mean it...literally. Their ballsiest battle to date has the boys using only their penises to beat each other up in the fabled cocktagon. Spenny, though outsized, works with what God gave him and martial art-ish techniques, while Kenny uses explosive, robotic technology to crush his best friend.

Who Do Black Guys Like More? Pt. 1
In this first ever two-episode competition, the guys each spend a day with three brothers to find out whom they like more. Spenny, who has no black friends, decides to impress the black guys by having Race Relations Retreat where he can impress them with his honesty about race related issues.  Meanwhile, Kenny is hellbent on proving Spenny is a racist.

Who Do Black Guys Like More? Pt. 2
In the finale of the first ever two-episode competition, Spenny wraps up his race relation retreat while Kenny spends his time with the brothers convincing that that Spenny is not as honest as he claims to be.

Who can have more fun?
Kenny and Spenny compete to see who can have more fun. Spenny, who believes fun is subjective, decides to do what he thinks is fun, but is convinced that having a threesome is the winning strategy. Kenny, who lives for fun, realizes that blowing things up pales in comparison to the fun he has messing with Spenny.

Who can?
It's Spenny's turn to pick a competition but Kenny has his own ideas of how things will progress. In this very rare behind-the-scenes episode, Kenny's megalomania materializes in the form of a Roman Emperor, while Spenny just wants to get on with it and do a simple sports competition.

Who Can Produce The Best Commercial?
Kenny and Spenny will try out their creativity as they produce a commercial for a frozen pizza. Kenny will experiment with unconventional ads, while Spenny is focused on doing a commercial with an interactive family-oriented pizza pie.

Who's A Better Basketball Coach?
The boys will each coach a basketball team. Spenny, obsessed with winning this one, finds the best team he can and becomes an annoying taskmaster, while Kenny tries to psyche-out Spenny's team without having to coach at all.

Who Can Stay On An Island The Longest?
They tried surviving in the woods, now the dysfunctional duo will see who can survive longest on an island. Spenny over- prepared and scared, makes sure that he has everything he could possibly need to win, while Kenny is determined not only to win but have the best time of his life, spending the broadcaster’s money.