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The Competitions

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Who Can Keep a Dump in their Pants the Longest?
Armed with diapers and no dignity, the boys revisit infancy to see who can keep a dump in their diaper the longest.  Spenny is prepared for the worst forcing Kenny to have to think way outside the box to win this mega-stinky competition.

Who Can Bone More Women?
Eight women spend some sexy time with Kenny and Spenny who do everything in their power to get as much sex as possible off them.  Spenny's arousal theory is put to the test while the ever confident Kenny is more focused on what he hopes would be Spenny's worst humiliation to date.

Who Can Wear a Gorilla Suit the Longest?
In perhaps the silliest competition to date - if that's even possible - the dysfunctional duo wear hot and itchy gorilla suits in the middle of summer - the first one to take off any part of the costume is the loser.  Spenny's strategy is to ignore the costume and be himself while raising awareness of the fate of the mountain gorilla, while Kenny devolves, finding his inner gorilla, and does his best to put gorilla Spenny into extinction.

Who Can Piss Off More People?
Literally going on the offensive, the guys hit the streets to see who can piss-off more people.  Spenny, a self-proclaimed nice guy, in order to cope, transforms himself physically to remain anonymous and enlists a jerky friend to help him, while Kenny, tired of the abuse from the people he's pissing off, decides to go big and piss people off on mass.  

First Guy to Touch the Ground Loses
Kenny and Spenny must figure out a way to live without touching the ground, Kenny uses a loaf of rye bread, bad riddles and his inner super-villain in an attempt to spoil Spenny's rare master plan.

Who’s the Best Pro Wrestler?
The boys enter the wacky world of professional wrestling as each is paired with a professional wrestler and must design a match to be judged.  Spenny, a life-long wrestling fanatic, lives out his fantasy learning all his favorite wrestling moves, while Kenny creates a wrestling persona that makes George the Animal Steele look well-adjusted.  

Who’s the Best Soldier?
Let's pray for peace as a drill sergeant moves in with Kenny and Spenny to see who will make the best soldier.   Kenny, a self -proclaimed war hero, wants to show the sergeant that he can be shaped into a killing machine, while Spenny finds out that military service isn't as noble as he thought.

Who’s the Better Jew?
Get your bagels, lox and cream cheese as Kenny and Spenny compete to see who the better Jew is.  Kenny, who speaks Hebrew, thinks the competition will be a kosher cake-walk as Spenny, who was raised in a secular home, uses an orthodox rabbi to cram his Jewishness and make up for lost time.

Who Do Disabled People Like More?
The guys each spend a day with three physically disabled people and they vote for the guy they like best.   Spenny, trying not to make his past mistake of being too serious, tempers the political aspects of his strategy by trying to show the handicapped a good time.  Kenny, with a counter-intuitive strategy, does his best to be mean to his disabled guests.

Who Can Smoke More Weed?
Fatties are sparked as Kenny and Spenny see who can smoke the most weed.  All strategies are out the window as the pressures of competing and doing a television show while puffing copious amounts of killer bud become too much to bare. Whoa.