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Kenny vs Spenny Versusville
Retired Content

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Rotating Kenny (2.16 MB)

Rotating Spenny (1.69 MB)

Game Textures and Assets

Download Textures (21.1mb)
Download Sounds/Music (17.7mb)
Download 3DS Max Models (15.9mb)
Download HD Model Renders (1.65gb)

Textures and sounds are taken directly from the game's files, while the 3DS Max Models are leftover files that Mark Greenshields dug up from development. (With exported fbx models for the Residence and Wasteball maps)

The HD Model Renders are high-quality renders of each of the 3DS Max Models as gifs with still-frame pngs included. (Excluding the Residence and Wasteball maps)

If you can find a way to make use of any of the model or map files found in-game, please reach out to us via the Kenny Hotz Official Discord

Additional Information

Every single aspect of this project is open-sourced so that this project can live on for as long as humanly possible.

202X Patch (Source + Releases)
Servlet Re-creation (Source)
This Website (Source + Pages)

Download Versusville

- Versusville -
Download Versusville (82mb)
Download the Patch (4.3mb)
Download the Prototype (32mb)
- 202X Patch -
Download the 2021.1 Patch (4.2mb)
Requires Versusville, View the patch's README file.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who played a role in finding the game! We literally could not have gotten to where we are without you all <3

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View the Scoreboard

The 202X Patch re-enables Leaderboard Support for alongside various minor changes/bug fixes.

Elite or Noob? View the Scoreboard!

Multiplayer Setup

Getting multiplayer up-and-running can prove to be a bit of a hassle. So there's a full guide on how to do so here!

Original Design Documents

This is the full Game Design Document used in the creation of Versusville graciously given to us by Mark Greenshields. It contains concept art, level design, and tons of other interesting info!

View the Design Document