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The Competitions

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First Guy to Get a Boner Loses
Wearing tiny swimsuits to prevent boner hiding, Spenny is counting on Kenny’s love of women and the element of surprise to win. Kenny's strategy is to offer himself to his pal and get Spenny out of the closet once and for all – but is Spenny really gay?

Who Can Blow the Biggest Fart?
Armed with gas masks the crew is forced to record perhaps the smelliest competition to date. Kenny, the fart-maestro, is shocked to find out that Spenny's gas-inducing diet is making him competitive.  So, Kenny must dig deep to into his bag of tricks (and bowels) in order to win this methane-filled contest.

Who Can Make the Best Viral Video?
The guys each make a series of videos and must choose one to put online. The video that goes more viral wins. Kenny, the more Internet savvy of the two, makes an eclectic series of shocking videos dealing with: 9/11, terrorists, pranks, and celebrity spoofs. Spenny, who thinks viral videos are generally idiotic, disregards his personal opinion and does everything in his power to defeat Kenny including consuming excrement.

Who Can Eat More Meat?
Hold on to your stomachs for an all-you-can-eat carnivorous bloat fest: whichever guy eats more meat is the winner.  Kenny, a pig by any definition, summons the gluttonous gods and gorges like never before, while Spenny chooses the more methodical approach of eating, exercising, resting and moving his bowels.

First Guy to Get a Stain Loses
Wearing white body suits, the boys put themselves through numerous high-risk stain situations in an effort to stay as stain-free as possible.  After a few false starts, Kenny's character is more stained then their suits.

Who Can be Tied to a Goat the Longest?
The boys are each tethered to a live goat. The first one to break the bond loses. Kenny, who wants to have fun with his goat, cleverly uses an extremely long rope in hopes that Spenny will be stuck taking care of both goats. Spenny tries his best to toilet train his goat and keep him smelling as pleasant as possible. Though it’s not easy, the goat is still a better roommate than Kenny.

Who Can Handle More Torture?
Whoever can take the most pain wins. Spenny, in order to get motivated, dedicates his performance to his late father, while Kenny becomes not only a competition participant but also the torturer.

First Guy to Stop Singing Loses
The first one to stop singing loses in this surprisingly grueling competition. Kenny explores various musical genres while creating a fictitious and hideously slanderous version of Spenny's family tree. Spenny decides to get motivated by singing for charity, trying to raise money to buy a piano for a community center.

Who Can be Obese the Longest?
The boys put on 80-pound weights, the first one to take off the weights is the loser. Kenny takes the opportunity to rip on fat people.  Spenny has a tough time when his bad back acts up but thinks he may have uncovered one of Kenny’s master plans.

Who Can Commit the Most Crime?
Possessing a natural criminal mind, Kenny tries to break every law in the book, while Spenny tries to commit politically correct crimes and unleash his inner-criminal.