Kenny vs. Spenny - Versusville 202X Patch

Developed by: Carson Kompon

Make sure you install Versusville before installing the 202X Patch, as it installs on-top of the "DC Studios\Kenny vs Spenny - Versusville" folder.
Once you've installed the 202X Patch, head over to Options Alley and go to the Profile tab to change your username. Once your username has been changed, your scores will be automatically submitted to the leaderboards!
BE CAREFUL, if you uninstall Versusville without changing your name back to "Guest", your username will be permanently lost. Contact me directly if you have lost a username and wish to get it back. (must provide proof that you owned the username at one point)

Patch 2021.1

Released 12/03/2021 - Installer - Zip Archive


Bug Fixes: